Система для сбора опасных отходов asf 1000 dw

Технические данные:

  • Размеры (ДхШхВ): 1230х1030х1400 мм
  • Допуски: D/BAM 0472/31A; DIBt-Z-38. 12-244


  • double walled
  • steel, galvanized (standard)
  • alternatively untreated inside, enamelled outside
  • with transport cradle
  • closed underbody
  • stackable and movable by crane
  • leakage monitoring with sight glas in the double wall and gauging rod


  • manhole cover ND 400
  • 1/2″ safety valve
  • optionally with up to five additional tube fittings
  • optionally optimised filling area